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Cedar Creek Equine: Now Offering Acupuncture Services
Dr. Corine Selders is now offering veterinary acupuncture services for horses
 and small animals

Dr. Selders is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and was trained and certified through the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida.  Dr. Selders has also completed the advanced equine acupuncture course.

The Chi institute was founded and is primarily taught by Shen Xie, DVM, PhD. 

Dr. Xie is a third generation Chinese acupuncturist and is on staff at the University of Florida’s veterinary school.  Dr. Xie has published 10 books and over 100 articles, and has been invited to lecture around the world.  Please visit their website at www.tcvm.com.

Acupuncture can benefit horses in a variety of ways.  Typical reasons for an acupuncture treatment are lameness, back pain, cushing’s disease (PPID), allergic asthma (IAD & RAO), anhydrosis, and more! Dogs and cats also benefit from Chinese acupuncture treatments.  Common reasons for pursuing acupuncture include arthritis, inter-vertebral disc disease (paresis/paralysis), cushing’s, diabetes, kidney failure, incontinence, infertility, seizures, neoplasia (cancer), autoimmune diseases, and other chronic issues.

Horses and small animals typically need atleast 3 treatments 1-2 weeks apart.  For acute (new) issues further treatment may not be necessary, for chronic issues treatments may continue but at more extended intervals (monthly/every few months/twice a year).  Chinese acupuncture works well by itself, but may be enhanced with Chinese herbs.  Dr. Selders is able to prescribe the Chinese herbs that will fit with your animal’s condition.

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